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Over the past three months, my colleague Dr. David "Doc" Eifrig has taken on a controversial research project…

The topics he chose to cover include sensitive, sometimes emotional, and very politicized issues.

At the core of Doc's research is a belief that you might have yourself...

Over the past decade or so, something has changed about America. Maybe you've recognized it... just like he has.

The sad truth is that America is a very different place than it was just a dozen years ago.

I'm sure if you are over the age of 40, you recognize these changes, too... even if you can't pinpoint exactly what's gone on.

From Doc's perspective, it's been the slow adoption of a series of almost imperceptible new laws, regulations, and corrupt ideas... coupled with major changes in technology, which have left us with a country that is barely recognizable from the place we knew only a dozen or so years ago.

These changes are affecting our money, our families, our health, our privacy, and everything about our daily lives.

That's why this week, we are running a special series of DailyWealth essays. Each day (except for Christmas Day), in place of our normal investment-focused essay, I'm going to send you an essay from Dr. Eifrig that highlights how you can protect yourself from some of the worst elements in today's America.

I know some folks will find Doc's conclusions unpatriotic... or even crazy. But I believe what he has to say is one of the most important messages in the world right now. And I believe if you listen with an open mind, it could be hugely beneficial to you.

I hope you enjoy our special series.


Brian Hunt
Editor in Chief, DailyWealth
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